Walter de la Mare

Walter de la Mare (1873-1956)


The Sunken Garden

Speak not - whisper not;
Here bloweth thyme and bergamot;
Softly on the evening hour,
Secret herbs their spices shower.

Dark-spiked rosemary and myrrh,
Lean-stalked, purple lavendar;
Hides within her bosom, tue,
All her sorrows, bitter rue.

Breathe not - trespass not;
Of this green and darkling spot,
Latticed from the moon's beams,
Perchance a distant dreamer dreams;
Perchance upon its darkening air,
The unseen ghosts of children fare,
Faintly swinging, sway and sweep,
Like lovely sea-flowers in the deep;
While, unmoved, to watch and ward,
Stands with bowed and dewy head
That one little leaden Lad.

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